Renewable Energy Development


Encore Redevelopment is a full service renewable energy development firm with a focus on solar photovoltaic systems. Encore provides customers, clients and investors with a full suite of project development services including feasibility studies and turnkey project/construction management services as well as project financing and asset management. We strive to provide all services under a shared risk approach which allows investors to limit risk as projects move through various stages of development, construction and commissioning. Encore’s services include the following:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Development Services
  • Project Financing
  • Construction Management
  • Asset Management

Feasibility Studies
Encore Redevelopment performs due diligence feasibility studies to provide investors and owners with an understanding of key risk factors, regulatory issues, project schedules and financial returns associated with the development and operation of a renewable energy asset.

Project Development
In addition to developing our own projects, Encore is often engaged to provide turnkey project development and construction services by investors and owners interested in owning a renewable energy system. Under this model, Encore provides a turnkey, lump sum package for project design, permitting, and construction of the generation asset payable upon successful completion of various milestones. With the common goal of successfully commissioning the project, this structure allows investors to hedge risks as projects move through various stages of development.

Project Financing
Encore maintains relationships with a number of financing entities and can provide financing for various project types and sizes. Encore has also worked with a number of local, regional and national lending institutions to bring competitive debt financing solutions to projects large or small.

These financing solutions allow customers and landowners the ability to secure the benefits of renewable energy generation through energy savings or land lease payments at no expense. Contact us today to see what structure works best for you.

Construction Management
Encore has experience in managing construction activities for various types of energy projects. Often as an extension of Encore’s development services, our role as construction manager is to deliver the most efficient projects possible. Our relationships with vendors and contractors allow us to expedite the construction process through evaluation of risk factors, stakeholder management, and comprehensive control of project schedule and budget.

Asset Management
Encore performs asset management services including coordination of project insurance packages, verification of production, real time tracking of system performance, management of operations and maintenance personnel, and optimization of environmental attributes associated with projects.